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INTRODUCTION (the original 'inside cover', 1993)

The past year was again filled with exciting developments an growth for sport kiting. In this edition of the International Sport Kite Competition Rules we have continued to finetune, clarify and evolve the rules for greater uniformity and consistency in competitions held worldwide.

This edition is more comprehensive than the last one, reflecting the decision to expand the rule-book to also include suggested formats, new ideas ans sample guidelines.

The Sport Kite Rule Book has been developed through the continued cooperation of interested kitefliers worldwide; competitors, artists, technicians and visionaires of the internatioanl kite community.

Thanks for your many contributions and innovations and in particular, for the joy that your efforts have brought to all of us. It is our common goal to provide a framework for standardized competition on an international, national and regional basis.

We believe that standardization will benefit competitors, organizers, officials and spectators alike. The consistency that this publication makes possible is not intended to limit unique events or to stifle originality, expression and experimentation.

This update adds a great degree of flexibility to the rules process, while striving to provide predictability for competitors. Not only does it offer alternatives for conducting competitions, it also encourages event coordinators to continue to experiment and innovate, as long as they inform competitors of rule changes in advance. As always your comments, suggestions and critique are welcomed.

Special thanks are due to Corky Chewing, Robbi Sugerman and Viv Walters for their significant work on this update.

Thanks also to the following individuals for their support and contributions to the sport kite rules development process: Dan Buxton, Mike Carroll , Roger Chewing, Bob Childs, Eric Forsberg, Genny Forsberg, Helmut Georgi, Bob Hanson, Al Hargus, Billy Jones, Brooks Leffler, John McLauchlan, Ron Reich , Marty Sasaki, Mike Simmons, Sue Taft, Olan Turner , Jake Twyford, Judy Winkler, Eric Wolff, Anke Slump.

(Signed by David Gomberg, in 1993 President of the American Kitefliers Assocation)

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