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Donner le " in " au point de départ á environ >35. Le CV se trouve tête en bas. Effectuer une ligne droite d'un angle de 30o jusqu'á ce que le CV ait atteint ^55. La direction á suivre change de 90ø, le CV gardant sa position (tˆte en bas). Le cercle a un diamètre d'environ 60%. Quand le point de d‚part du cercle est á nouveau atteint, la direction change une nouvelle fois. Le CV repasse la ligne droite initiale, cette fois ci vers le bas. Donner le " out " quand le CV atterrit au point de départ.

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Q - 09 HOPS

"In" is called at starting point, with the kite in vertical position, the right wing touching the ground at about <70. A straight line upwards is flown until about ^15 is reached. Then a semi-circle is flown, diameter 35%. The kite is brought back downwards, touching the ground with the left wingtip at <35. Three similar arcs are flown afterwards. All ground-touches (except of course at "IN" and "OUT") should last no longer than approximately 2 seconds. "Out" is called when the kite lands at its right wingtip at >70.

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Q - 09 HOPS