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Since Rule Book III was issued a lot of new compulsory figures have been designed.

All World Cup events resulted in new team-figures, but also at festivals like North Sea Cup at Scheveningen, or Le Touquet people came up with new ideas.

At the Euro Cup events compulsories for pairs and for individual Quad-line-kite-flying were introduced. No doubt we will see Quad team figures, or "indoor" compulsories in the near future.

Special thanks to Helmut Georgi; Robbi Sugarman and Viv Walters; a lot of the new compulsories are 'designed' by them; and working with them together resulted in even more hard to fly, easy to judge and enjoyable to watch new figures. John Mitchell helped to enlarge the "Quad" collection.

Anyone who has good ideas or a completely worked out figure: please send them to me ( hans AT ) , and in a next edition your figures might be in, so more people can enjoy them.

Comparison with Rule Book III

The diagrams of the compulsories from the third edition RuleBook (III) (Copyright shared with AKA) are especially made and are as much resembling the ones in the Rule Book as much as possible.

Diagrams of compulsories with a changed description in III are changed accordingly . (A diagram of "T-15" was not given in III; and I am not sure, whether the diagram in this issue is exactly what the designer had in mind and it should not be used as a compulsory figure in competitions!)

The given description of the figures is often different from III. Long discussions in judging panels and between judges and competitors showed, that clear judging criteria are needed. The introduction of the "key elements" is ment to give a clear and 'simple' description of what a certain compulsory is about.

The explanation of the standard grid is changed.

Thanks to the following people translations of the Compulsory book, and of the descriptions are available:

Permission is granted for reproduction or translation of this issue or any part therein 

provided no changes are made in the text or illustrations,
reproductions are not sold above cost,
and this issue as well as the original STACK/AKA Rule Book III are credited as the source.


The grid explained

Compulsory diagrams and descriptions

(with most descriptions in German, Dutch, French and English)

Compulsories for two line kites

Compulsories for quad line kites


Individual figures

Pair figures

Team figures


Individual figures

Pair figures (quad lines)

Team figures (quad lines)

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